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Back-To-Back Victories

June 5, 2019

Phase two for the PUBG NPLC resumed tonight and the Soniqs had the opportunity to defend its position atop the leaderboards. Entering into the four games, the Soniqs were in first place across the NPLC with 106 total points. The Soniqs opened the night with a huge 16 kill game which won them the match. In that game, TGLTN secured 10 kills for the Soniqs.

The hot start for the Soniqs continued into the second game. In game two, the Soniqs won the game and put down 10 kills. Coming off back-to-back victories during week three of the NPLC schedule, the Soniqs are still in first place with 156 points and 91 kills. NPLC action resumes June 11 at 8 p.m. EST for the Soniqs in the final week of phase two. If the Soniqs finish in the top-10 of the NPLC, they’ll have a chance to qualify for the NPL through Relegations.

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