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Chris “Dappur” Mendoza

Chris “Dappur” Mendoza is a 20-year-old Rocket League player/streamer from Southern California. Dappur is widely considered as one of the most successful and long-standing pros in the scene. Developing himself as a household name for anyone who plays the game, he has left his mark after three competitive seasons in the RLCS and many major LAN appearances. Taking a brief hiatus from the competitive scene, he found himself rapidly growing on social media. As one of the community favorites, he grew his Twitter to 30k followers and Twitch to a whopping 100k followers. Averaging 500 viewers a stream, his influence spreads across the entire game as people love to watch him entertain and play. Now back into competitive play, he has shown that he still has what it takes to succeed at the highest level. There’s no doubt that his fast and mechanical playstyle can still dominate and catch the eyes of fans everywhere.

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