Kevin “Easilyy” Skokowski

From the very first year of Pro League in Rainbow Six Siege, Kevin “Easilyy” Skokowski has been involved. His career started during Pro League Year 1 Season 3 Finals on console where he finished 3-4th with OnSlaught eSports. Skokowski eventually switched from console to PC once the Xbox Pro League was canceled. At the start of 2018, Skokowski was picked up by Rogue where he remained for two years. During his time on Rogue, Skokowski competed at countless LANs including DreamHack, Six Major, United States Nationals and Six Invitational. Not only has he attended multiple LANs, but he won them too, including United States Nationals 2018 and DreamHack Valencia 2019. After Rogue’s North American Rainbow Six Siege team disbanded after being relegated during Pro League Season 10, Skokowski joined the Soniqs.