Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann

Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann is a 21-year-old Rocket League player/streamer from Chapel Hill, NC. With a decorated resumé and impressive history on professional teams, he is a surefire addition to any squad. Satthew’s work ethic is nothing short of elite as he was one of the first teams (Spacestation Gaming) to promote their way into the Rival Series and RLCS in the same season. He quickly molded himself into one of the most versatile players throughout the entire professional scene — showing capabilities to excel on offense, defense, and the midfield. Not only is he a dream to play with, but his playstyle can fit in like a puzzle piece to any team or player. Following along with his success and promotions, he went on to Qualify for Dreamhack Leipzig, Dallas, and Montreal all in the same year. If this all wasn’t enough, he then went on to finish at an impressive 4th place in RLCS league play and develop a successful streaming platform on Twitch.