Nathan “Shock” Frommelt

Nathan “Shock” Frommelt is a 19-year-old Rocket League player from Chicago, IL. Having started the game a bit later than the average pro, he has had a difficult, yet rewarding path through a cutthroat Rocket League bubble scene. Confidently winning against thousands of competitive players to get into the Rival Series last season, it was clear he had something to prove. He has qualified for two major $100k LANs just this year alone despite being considered the underdog. After a long journey of team changes, grinding, and adversity, Shock has found himself to be one of the top players in North America. Branding his playstyle on smart play and pinpoint shooting accuracy, he has found himself to not only be a valuable teammate but also a formidable opponent at the pro level. His very first season in the RLCS with the Soniqs, he received the MVP award and is looking to accomplish much more, as he’s just getting started.