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New Esports Team Formed

February 18, 2019

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A group of regional investors has announced the formation of a Harrisburg-based esports organization that will establish several professional esports teams, train players and coaches, and deliver technical production services to the esports industry.

In addition to developing Harrisburg-based professional teams and a training academy, Susquehanna Esports will create and manage tournament play and form a production crew that will offer pre- and post- production services, audio and video editing expertise, and creative/web development services. The production team will create blogs, interactive videos, and other digital assets that benefit professional teams and the esports market.

The investor group behind Susquehanna esports is headed by Robert Ortenzio, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Select Medical Corporation. Eric Darr, Ph.D., President of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, which launched its own collegiate esports team (The Storm) in 2018, will provide strategic direction to the organization. Darren Moore, an industry veteran with years of experience in esports management, tournament planning, and organizational expertise, will serve as General Manager of Susquehanna Esports.

“Professional esports already is a more than $1 billion industry across the globe, yet there is relatively little esports activity along the East Coast,” Ortenzio said. “Nothing like this currently exists. And this group will transform Harrisburg into an industry hub.”

Susquehanna Esports plans to collaborate with the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, where the Storm practices and competes. The Whitaker Center also played host to Harrisburg University’s HUE Festival, the nation’s first and largest collegiate esports tournament and music festival that attracted more than 20 college teams and thousands of spectators from across the U.S.

“The HU Storm has seen tremendous success and growth, and there are opportunities to build a mutually beneficial relationship between Susquehanna Esports and the University,” Dr. Darr said. “HU players, coaches, and staff will work with and learn from professionals, and students can intern with Susquehanna Esports. The esports business provides a potential career path for HU graduates.”

– Darren Moore, GM

Moore, who spent the past three years as general manager and director of Team Gates, a North American esports support organization created in 2016, said Susquehanna Esports “is unlike any other esports organization out there.”

“The organization intends to capitalize on established esports scenes and become a prominent contender within the industry. This coupled with the training academy, professional sports teams and resources like the Whitaker Center and Harrisburg University leaves no doubt in my mind that Harrisburg will become a central esports hub.”

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