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Soniqs Finish First in Phase 2 of NPLC

June 12, 2019Tonight, the Soniqs competed in the final week of Phase 2 of the NPLC. The team entered the four matches in first place across the NPLC and only needed to finish in the top-10 to qualify for NPL Relegations. Match three highlighted the night for the Soniqs after they picked up 14 kills and the victory. By the end of the evening, the Soniqs didn't budge in the standings and finished Phase 2 of the NPLC in first place with 200 points and 117 total kills across the four weeks of competition. Next, the Soniqs will compete in the NPL Relegations June 22-23rd for a chance to qualify for a spot in the NPL.
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Soniqs To Compete In Allied Esports Minor

June 7, 2019This weekend, the Rainbow Six Siege team travels to Las Vegas to compete in the Allied Esports Minor at the HyperX Esports Arena. The event will run across three days, from June 7-9 and holds a $75,000 prize pool. In total, 16 teams will compete across the three-day tournament. Out of all the teams competing, at least 12 of them are either in the Pro League or Challenger League.   The tournament is in a Swiss Format with the Soniqs beginning the weekend against Team Secret on June 7 at 4 p.m. EST. The single elimination bracket of the tournament begins June 8.
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Back-To-Back Victories

June 5, 2019Phase two for the PUBG NPLC resumed tonight and the Soniqs had the opportunity to defend its position atop the leaderboards. Entering into the four games, the Soniqs were in first place across the NPLC with 106 total points. The Soniqs opened the night with a huge 16 kill game which won them the match. In that game, TGLTN secured 10 kills for the Soniqs. The hot start for the Soniqs continued into the second game. In game two, the Soniqs won the game and put down 10 kills. Coming off back-to-back victories during week three of the NPLC schedule, the Soniqs are still in first place with 156 points and 91 kills. NPLC action resumes June 11 at 8 p.m. EST for the Soniqs in the final week of phase two. If the Soniqs finish in the top-10 of the NPLC, they'll have a chance to qualify for the NPL through Relegations.
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NPL Royale Results

May 27, 2019This weekend, the PUBG team traveled to Los Angeles, California to compete in the NPL Royale. After finishing in first place in their group on Saturday, the Soniqs qualified for the second day of competition on Sunday. Across the six games played on Sunday, the Soniqs put up a solid performance against some of the toughest teams in North America. Ultimately, the Soniqs finished in fifth place in the NPL Royale—the highest placement by an NPLC team in the tournament. TGLTN led the Soniqs in multiple categories, combining for 10 kills and 1,891 damage dealt across the six games. Following the conclusion of the NPL Royale, the Soniqs will head into the last two weeks of NPLC Phase 2 action with Week Three beginning June 4 at 8 p.m. EST.
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Top Of The Leaderboard

May 15, 2019The Soniqs had the opportunity to take first place in the NPLC during week two of NPLC Phase 2 last night. Coming into the evening, the Soniqs were just six points behind first place. Across the four games which were played, the Soniqs secured two map victories, 61 kills, and 54 total points. Following the team's strong performance, the Soniqs are now in first place in the NPLC with 106 points total. Up next, the Soniqs take a break from Phase 2 to compete in the Midseason Royale May 25-26.
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Susquehanna Esports to foster fitness, team building at Philadelphia summer camps

May 8, 2019

PHILADELPHIA – Susquehanna Esports, an esports organization dedicated to bringing professional esports teams to the Mid-Atlantic region, will help incorporate physical well-being, leadership, and teamwork activities into a new Philadelphia esports camp this summer.

Registration is now open

The Harrisburg-based esports group has partnered with N3rd Street Gamers to engage participants in a range of activities at the camps that will take place at N3rd Street Gamers’ Localhost esports arena at 908 N. Third St. in Philadelphia beginning June 17.

The mission of the esports summer camps is to promote camaraderie by inviting participants to engage face-to-face with each other. Being in the same physical location encourages communication and provides a safe environment for attendees to learn, communicate, and meet like-minded people.

Susquehanna Esports, whose goal is to support the region’s growing esports community with live events, skill training, and top-quality gameplay, has developed content for camp.

View the Program details

"If you listen to a group of 14-year-olds coordinate and plan in Fortnite, you realize that esports is more than entertainment--it's how today’s kids communicate, build relationships and learn problem-solving," says Charles Palmer of Susquehanna Esports. "Learning in esports is very similar to learning in traditional sports."

Each camp will employ a professional coach tasked with leading attendees in skills, strategy and creativity training. Coaches will also instruct players on the importance of posture, sleep, and communication as they participate in esports.

One goal of the summer camp is to use exercises, both physical and nonphysical, to teach life skills to attendees. The activities are designed to ensure the participants become better players and position them as better candidates for college scholarships and career professionals.

Susquehanna Esports stresses the importance of increasing diversity in esports and gaming by creating a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment. Camp directors will leverage the popular battle royale game, Fortnite, to teach communication, perseverance, and leadership skills to participants.

The Esports Summer Camp, title “Battle Royale Academy”, is a five-day (9am – 4pm) camp scheduled for the third and fourth weeks of June and the first week of July. Program details can be found at http://SONIQS.gg/Academy.

Registration is open now. So join us for an amazing summer.

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Pro League, baby.

May 7, 2019Congratulations to the Susquehanna Soniqs for making it to the Rainbow Six Pro League. The team fell to the '92 Dream Team 1:2 and played a second game against Rise Nation for almost six hours of competition. The team now joins an illustrious group of teams to compete in Season 10 of Pro League. Stay tuned for more details and announcements coming very soon. The complete final series (all 5.75 hours) is available on Twitch. And be sure to watch the post interview with Seth 'Supr' Hoffman for a behind the scenes look at the team's strategies and commitment to the R6 community.
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Friday Night Victory

May 5, 20192,774 viewers watched an amazing victory of the Soniqs' Rainbow Six team. The final score was 7:5 versus Disrupt Gaming, but that does not adequately describe the night's excitement. Both teams lost on their best map setting up a third round which was simply amazing. It was a nail-biter until the last minute. Watch Susquehanna Soniqs vs Disrupt Gaming | NA Challenger League 9 | Playoffs | !schedule !casters from rainbowsix_uk on www.twitch.tv
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Playoff bound

April 27, 2019With an impressive final day of the regular season, our Rainbow Six team secured their playoff spot by defeating Elevate (7:2) and Tune 6quad (7:5). Replay all the thrilling action at the links below.
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Rainbow Six Team Announcement

March 14, 2019We would like to welcome John, Lauren, Seth, Scott and Jason to the Susquehanna Esports family. These talented individuals comprise our Rainbow Six Siege team and will begin playing competitively this weekend under the Soniqs brand.
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New Esports Team Formed

February 18, 2019HARRISBURG, Pa. – A group of regional investors has announced the formation of a Harrisburg-based esports organization that will establish several professional esports teams, train players and coaches, and deliver technical production services to the esports industry.
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