PUBG Crowned PCS2 NA Grand Champions

Late last week the Soniqs’ PUBG team won its first Major grand championship. After developing a commanding point lead early on in the tournament, the team didn’t let up. By the final day of the tournament, it was already clear the Soniqs would win the PCS2 NA Grand Championship.

This Major title came under a slightly different roster for the Soniqs. After Pr0phie retired earlier in the summer, the Soniqs moved TGLTN to the starting roster. While TGLTN had professional PUBG esports experience earlier in his career, he had moved to a content creator position to make room for the Soniqs’ new PUBG roster in the spring of 2020. With TGLTN back on the starting roster, the team had little difficulty cruising to the top of the leaderboard. By the end of the tournament, TGLTN led the competition in kills, damage and assists.

Across 24 total games during the PCS2 NA Grand Championship, the Soniqs’ finished with 265 total points—a massive lead over second-place which had 201 total points. The championship title is the first for the Soniqs in PUBG esports and the first for the organization as a whole.

Looking ahead, the Soniqs’ PUBG team will have a short break before returning to the competition. Next month, the PCS3 NA Group Stage begins and the Soniqs will look to become repeat champions. You can follow the Soniqs on Twitter to keep up to date with the PUBG team and all their other teams.