PUBG Goes Back to Back, Wins PCS3

Coming off the team’s PCS2 Grand Championship, the Soniqs were heavily favored for PCS3. With the success TGLTN has had since re-entering PUBG esports, there are few teams who can match Soniqs’ tempo during competition.

At first, it seemed like PCS3 was going to be much closer than originally anticipated. Guadalajara Gascans, a new team that had just entered PCS3, and Oath Gaming were continually just a few good games away from overtaking Soniqs lead in the tournament. By the third and final week of the tournament, Soniqs lead had shrunk to under 25 points.

The Soniqs needed a strong performance on the final day of PCS3 to pull out on top and win consecutive grand championships. On the final day, the team put together their best performance of the entire tournament yet. They won three out of the final four games and had multiple double-digit kill wins. By the end of the evening, it was clear, the Soniqs were going to be the PCS3 Grand Champions. The team finished with 265 points, the same amount of points they had in PCS2, and took back-to-back titles in the final two major PUBG tournaments of 2020.

With a strong end to the year, the Soniqs have a few weeks off for the holidays before getting into a busy 2021 PUBG schedule. Despite a rollercoaster year with multiple roster changes, the Soniqs have finally found the winning combination that no other team has yet to match.