PUBG qualifies for PCS2 Grand Finals

For a second consecutive time, the Soniqs have qualified for the PUBG Continental Series Grand Finals this time for Series 2. After placing sixth in the group stage with 212 points, the team effectively qualified for the Grand Finals.

This time around, the Soniqs are competing with a slightly different roster. After the Series 1 Grand Finals Pr0phie retired, which allowed TGLTN to move into his starting spot. Already, TGLTN is finding success at the highest level of PUBG competition. While the team failed to reach top-three in the group stage, they’ve gotten off to a hot start in the Grand Finals. With one week finished, the Soniqs currently hold first place with 85 points. Right behind them with 81 points is Oath Gaming and ATC with 69. 

There are still two more weeks to go for the PUBG Continental Series 2 Grand Finals, but if the Soniqs can continue to perform at the same level they’ll be in the running for first place. The Soniqs return to action September 3-4th and 10-11th for the final weeks of the Grand Finals.