R6 picks up crucial victory over Tempo Storm | Soniqs Recap

This week the Soniqs had a full plate, with a vital R6 match against Tempo Storm, the start of the PCS3 Group Stage in PUBG and the RLCS X Fall NA Event. Read on to find out how each team performed this week and what’s ahead on the Soniqs schedule.

Rainbow Six Siege

Although Tempo Storm came into the match in the lower bracket, the matchup couldn’t be taken lightly for the Soniqs. With relegation implications on the line for the losing team, the Soniqs needed to beat Tempo Storm to secure their spot in the National American League for the next year. With a rocky start to Stage 2, having dropped the first two matches against DarkZero and eUnited, the Soniqs couldn’t make any major mistakes against Tempo Storm.

The first map was Oregon and the Soniqs eventually pulled off a 7-5 victory over Tempo Storm despite a close match between both teams. With the victory, the Soniqs moved on to face Tempo Storm on Kafe Dostoyevsky where things heated up for both teams. Starting on defense, the Soniqs developed a 4-1 lead over Temp Storm but slowly let the lead slip away. The map went to overtime between both teams and the Soniqs put together two big rounds to take the 8-6 victory.

After beating Tempo Storm, the Soniqs are safe from relegation until next year. Up next, the Soniqs face Disrupt Gaming on Nov. 12.


After dominating the PCS2 Grand Championship, the Soniqs returned to the PCS3 as the favored team in the Group Stage. With a team running on all cylinders after replacing Pr0phie with TGLTN, the Soniqs continued to perform well in the opening week of the PCS3 group stage. On the first night, the Soniqs put up 74 points and took a commanding lead of Group A.

While the Soniqs didn’t perform as hot on the second day, only managing 27 points, the team is still 1st in Group A and 3rd overall with 101 total points. The team will return for the second week of the PCS3 Group Stage later this week for 10 games split across Saturday and Sunday.

Rocket League

It was another tough week for the Soniqs’ Rocket League team. During the final week of the fall Grid, the Soniqs outperformed expectations and made it to the quarterfinals where they lost against The Peeps 4-0. Following the conclusion of The Grid, the Soniqs also competed in the North America Regional Event 3.

During the North America Regional Event 3, the Soniqs couldn’t make it past the first day after going 2-3 overall. Up next for the Soniqs Rocket League team is the North American Major which begins Oct. 18. In that tournament, the Soniqs will compete against 16 teams for a share of a $100,000 prize pool.