Rocket League competes in regional tournament

Starting off the season with a bang, the Susquehanna Soniqs were destined to make their mark in the new RLCS format. Seeing their first major tournament in about 5 months, the players were ready to get out there and prove themselves. The first regional is split into three days, each day consisting of a swiss bracket. If you are unfamiliar with this method, a swiss bracket is a multi-chance format that makes it where your team needs to win three games before they lose three games in order to qualify for the next stage. In stage 1, the Soniqs breezed through Group A finishing 3-1. They saw victories over Drip [3-0], XSET [3-1], and Jamal Jabary [3-1]. Their only loss on the day falling to Peeps [1-3], who ended up finishing first on the day. In Stage 2, seeing some stiffer competition, Soniqs advanced with a 3-2 record showing that they can still hold their own against the best of the best. Soniqs saw victories over Continuum [3-1], Version1 [3-2], and Team Frontline [3-1] while losing to Pioneers [0-3] and Rogue [1-3]. Advancing to stage 3, the top 8 teams now compete in a single-elimination playoff bracket. Although losing to Spacestation Gaming [0-3] and finishing tied for 5th, the Soniqs showed a strong series and a lot of energy to bounce back to place even better for the next regional event. 5th place is a great result as it ensures them enough points to eventually make worlds if it becomes a consistent result!