Roster changes, conclusion of R6 season and more | Soniqs Recap

From Rocket League roster changes to nail-biting overtime matches in Rainbow Six Siege, it was a busy week for the Soniqs. Read on for updates covering all of the Soniqs’ esport teams.

Rainbow Six Siege

After the conclusion of R6NAL Stage 2, the Soniqs did not qualify for the Six Major taking place in November. Instead, the team was given one last opportunity to qualify for the Major through a qualifying tournament this past weekend. Whoever won the qualifying tournament got the final spot in the Major next month.

The Soniqs began the tournament with a match against Disrupt Gaming, the series was close and eventually went to overtime on the third map. With a spot to continue on in the winners bracket on the line, the Soniqs clutched up and beat Disrupt Gaming in overtime. That victory gave the Soniqs a path into the winners bracket to face Spacestation Gaming on Sunday.

Taking on the 2020 World Champions was no small task for the Soniqs. SSG took control of the series after winning the first map and after some crucial mistakes by the Soniqs, SSG won 2-0 over the Soniqs. Despite the loss, the Soniqs remained in the tournament and dropped to the losers bracket to face Disrupt Gaming one final time.

The rematch against Disrupt Gaming was just as exciting as the first one and once again went to overtime on map 3 to determine the winner. Unfortunately, the Soniqs had run out of steam having just played the SSG series before facing Disrupt. The Soniqs would go on to be eliminated from the tournament by Disrupt and miss a spot in the upcoming Major.

While the Soniqs won’t compete in the upcoming Major, there still may be more opportunities for the team to qualify for the Six Invitational in 2021. Keep an eye out for an announcement about upcoming games on social media.

Rocket League

The season for Rocket League has finally come to an end after the team was eliminated from the RLCS X Fall Major. While the team waits for the start of the Winter season, beginning in mid-November, there has been some shuffling of the roster. The Soniqs announced late last week that Satthew had been released from the roster.

As of now, the Soniqs Rocket League roster consists of Jruss, Shock and Roll Dizz. After the team began to struggle in the second half of the season, there were some roster changes made which included benching Shock for Roll Dizz. However, the Soniqs finally found the right combination of the roster, which meant letting go of Satthew.

To know when the Rocket League team will begin their winter season, follow the Soniqs on social media for updates.


The Soniqs’ PUBG program continues to be a dominant force in North America. Following the conclusion of the PCS3 Group Stage, the Soniqs placed in second place and were only 12 points away from first. With the qualification to compete in the PCS3 Grand Finals, the Soniqs have the opportunity to defend their PCS2 Championship title.

The PCS3 Grand Finals begins November 5, follow the Soniqs on social media for live updates about the team.