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(L-R: Avian, Goddess, Supr, Neptunez, Ghxst)

Supr – supr is the former IGL of Rogue and founder of eGang. He switched to PC following the Xbox Pro League cancellation and was in Pro League within 2 months of his transition to PC. He has qualified for five LANs on Rainbow Six Siege including two Invitational tournaments as a member of eRa and Rogue. As a member of Rogue, supr placed 2nd in the North American Pro League and qualified for the season finals in Rio de Janeiro, Invitational in February and placed 2nd at Dreamhack Montreal. Supr also has a decently popular stream, averaging between 200-300 viewers with over 600 subscribers, 15,000 followers, and 280,000 total views.

Goddess – Goddess switched over to PC after the Xbox Pro League was cancelled and qualified for Challenger League within her first month of playing on PC. From there she qualified for Pro League by defeating CLG under the organization Beast Coast. Once qualified for Pro League, Goddess joined Cloud 9, where she attended Dreamhack Spain and won DreamHack Montreal (defeating teammate supr in the finals), which also qualified her team for the Invitational tournament in February. Goddess averages between 800-1,000 subscribers on Twitch with 300-400 concurrent viewers and has over 42,000 followers. She is the third female pro player in eSports history and was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list for Games in 2019 (https://www.forbes.com/profile/lauren-williams/#4e65b9677746).

Avian – Avian has qualified for six LANs on Rainbow Six Siege including both yearly Invitational tournaments, the largest tournament in Rainbow six. He placed 2nd in the 2017 Rainbow Six Invitationals and 3rd in the 2018 Rainbow Six Invitationals with Rogue. He has played for Most Wanted, eRa and most recently Rogue.

Neptunez – Neptunez has played in Pro League since Season 1 where he was playing on Xbox and had moderate success up until the Xbox Pro League was canceled. He then made the transition to playing on PC and rejoined the Pro League under the banner of Infamy, where he took his team to the season Final LAN in Sao Paulo. He then represented Mous eSports for the next two seasons, placing 5th and 6th respectively.

Ghxst – Ghost is a former Professional Player for Rise. Previously, as an amateur he competed for Disrupt Gaming, where he placed 3rd at Dreamhack, Austin defeating the likes of Evil Geniuses and Beastcoast, who would later become Cloud 9.

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