Seth “Supr” Hoffman


Before entering esports, Seth “Supr” Hoffman earned a degree in journalism from Baylor
University before going on to get a masters degree in journalism from North Texas University.
Then, in 2017, Hoffman entered the competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene on console. He then
transitioned to PC after the cancellation of Xbox Pro League and within two months he was
competing on a Pro League team. Since his career started, he’s qualified for seven LANs
including two Invitational tournaments as a member of eRa Eternity and Rogue. As a former IGL
for Rogue, Hoffman placed 2nd during Pro League Season 8—qualifying for the season finals in
Rio de Janeiro. Under the same team, he also placed second at DreamHack Montreal 2018.
Following his departure from Rogue at the beginning of 2019, Supr became the captain of
Elephant Gang, an orgless team in Challenger League, before being acquired by the Soniqs. In
addition to competing professionally, Hoffman occasionally streams Rainbow Six Siege on Twitch.




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